Monday, October 18, 2010

Perfect Popcorn

Some background:  The last time I tried to make popcorn I was using a pot with a large flat bottom.  Something went wrong between the process and me trying to multi-task.  Within minutes our apartment was full of smoke.  When the smell had subsided and it was safe to re-enter our home some time later, I looked to one of my favorite shows to show me a better way.  So my son and I watched the episode of Good Eats titled "Pop Art".  Since then, I've been making perfect popcorn.  I haven't even found any "old maids" (unpopped kernels) since I started using this method!

You need a metal bowl or wok with a small bottom and sloped sides.
1. Mix a handful of dried popping corn kernels with a spoonful of oil and some salt.
2. Cover with foil and pierce holes for the steam to escape.
3. Heat over medium flame and continuously shuffle.  Use a tongues if you don't have a handle.  Don't walk away.  Continue to shuffle/shake the kernels and popcorn around.  This will let the popped kernels move up the side while the unpopped kernels move up the sides away from the heat.
4. Remove from flame when the popping slows.  Continue to shuffle the bowl/pan until the popping has completely stopped.
5. Carefully open the foil and enjoy!

You can store the popcorn in an air tight container and enjoy for at least 24 hours.

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