Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cabbage Orzo "Pilaf"

I was thinking about making sushi salad for dinner, then I thought what can I use up from the fridge, so the idea evolved.  Here's what I did:
Started boiling orzo pasta and washed bean sprouts.  Shredded/thinly sliced small cabbage, a couple carrots, and a few pieces of raw cauliflower that didn't fit in Monday's stir fry.  Started stir frying bean sprouts in a pot with canola oil.  Added cabbage mixture, thinly sliced sun dried tomatoes with oil from jar, then 4 eggs and seasonings.  I used a mildly spicy Mediterranean mix of spices I found in the market.  Added drained orzo when the egg was almost cooked.  If you want to make this healthier, use brown rice and add frozen peas like Chinese fried rice.

I was cracking the eggs when my son got home from preschool.  The great thing about not relying on recipes is that you can let your kids help make decisions about ingredients and seasonings.
Me: How many eggs do you think I should add?
Him: Well, how many people do we have?
Me: Four.
Him: Four eggs, I think.
Me: How many does it look like I already have?
Him: Three.
Me: So, how many more do I need?
Him: One more.  My teacher told me four comes after three.

Leftover suggestion: cold orzo on romaine lettuce with Italian dressing.

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  1. I was just showing this blog to my son, and he said, "Mommy I LOVED that!"



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