Thursday, October 21, 2010

Orange Segments & Juice

Oranges are a great addition to green salads and fruit salad, and of course, they're a good snack.  It's a real treat to enjoy them in these ways with the tough membranes removed.  Here's a professional video I found after I made my own, but the kids and I are having fun making videos, so I'll post mine also.

Here are some tips:
- Zest the orange first.  You can freeze the zest for later cake baking (if you bake) or use it on salads, yogurt, Asian stir fry... yum, I'll have to try that.
- Use a sharp knife.  (I took my knife to be sharpened, but I'm not impressed.  Maybe if I get more followers, I can get a knife company to sponsor this blog.)
- Do as much as possible over a bowl, and even save the drippings from the cutting board to enjoy the fresh juice.
- Squeeze out the membrane skeleton and the rind into the bowl to get every last drop of juice.
- Try to cut faster than you or your audience eat.

Please comment with your own uses for oranges and zest!

If you don't want to go through all the trouble of cutting the orange into fancy segments, you can cut off the peel and the outer membrane, then slice the whole orange horizontally so you have pretty orange rounds.  Just use your fingers to pull out the bitter part in the middle.

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