Monday, October 18, 2010

Spicy Green Lentils

I was sick the last few days, so today I was looking for something simple and hardy, but healthier than the pizza my husband ordered when I was out of commission yesterday.  There are a couple things I always think I should eat more of: beans/lentils and quinoa.  Here is an easy lentil dish that received the official "yummy" from my husband.

About 1 cup of green lentils to 1.5 cups water.
1. Check lentils for stones and rinse.
2. Boil water, then simmer.
3. Add  seasonings.  I used cumin, white pepper (that's just what I happen to have), smoked paprika, a spice mix that I think is called "Philadelphia" (may contain any of the following: Paprika, Red pepper, Anis, Black pepper , Garlic & Crushed peppe,Onion.) but you could use chili powder or grill spice in America, and a heaping tablespoon of tomato paste.
4. Add salt to taste at the end, mix and serve.

Leftover suggestion: throw cold lentils on baby green, or eat plain with a little vinaigrette.

P.S. My version of spicy probably wouldn't be measurable in Scoville heat units.  I like to taste my food, not feel like my mouth is on fire.  You can spice it up according to your family's taste preference.

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