Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stuff I Love - Spring 2012

For today's "Kitchen Tips Tuesday" I wanted to give a little shout-out to some products and foods I enjoyed this Passover. (In no particular order.)

Parchment paper baking pans - Lightweight, cheap, stackable. You can cut in them without ruining the pan or your knife. No need for extra oil, they are totally non-stick. I used them for all my kugels and brownies.

Homemade chocolate syrup - I used Alton Brown's recipe with honey instead of corn syrup, and with homemade vanilla sugar.

Elite Instant coffee - I enjoyed this kind, especially with chocolate syrup and milk.

Iced tea in my new glass pitcher - I've been using a rubber band to hold the tea bags while they steep. Four plain green tea bags and four bags of chamomile with a giant spoonful of citrus honey.

Quality unheated honey - I get this from my friend Dvorah.  She sells wild flower and citrus honey from the Michveret Negohot Beehive in the Hevron area of Israel. It is available in different sizes between 0.5 kilos and 1.5 kilos (25-65 shekels). There have been other honeys available in the past including eucalyptus and avocado (yum!).

משק אחיה Meshek Achiya olive oil - This is also something I purchased from my friend Dvorah. They sell three strains. I forget the names, but there is one considered the most mild, one that has a strong olive flavor, and one that is a mix. I found the strong one very tasty, but chose the most mild for my all purpose Pesach cooking. It made delicious brownies. Below is a video in Hebrew showing the olive harvest. The olive groves are located near Shilo in the Shomron region of Israel.

 You can email me for information about getting the honey or olive oil mentioned above delivered to you in Israel. The prices are comparable or better than grocery store brands. 

Last, and possibly least - Easy cut plastic wrap. I wouldn't have noticed it on the top shelf if I hadn't received a very informative advertising brochure from Sano (in English!) Nicely played, Sano!

I was not paid to mention any of the products in this post. I have no affiliation with the companies and do not make money from the sale of these products.

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