Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kitchen Renovation Pictures

Day 0 - We remove all our food, dishes, oven, and refrigerator. Set up temporary kitchen in the dining room.

Day 1 - Rip out cabinets, walls, floor. Bye, bye, pretty red counter. Bye, bye, Lazy Susan...

Days 2-3 - New cabinets and floor. Why was someone sketching on the surface?

Days 4-7 Wait for counter

Day 8 - Counter, sink, walls. We clean all the construction dust from the kitchen.

Day 9 - Try to clean construction residue from house, wash all the dusty dishes, put everything in new cabinets.

Day 10 - Men are supposed to return for finishing touches. We give up and put oven and fridge back. I cook up a storm for Purim.


  1. Awesome! תתחדשו! Fun to see all the pics.

  2. Titchadshi! May you have many enjoyable hours in your new kitchen!

  3. Looks GREAT. You must really be enjoying that fresh, new feeling.

  4. Thanks for sharing your detailed renovation pictures. Have you tried using kitchen worktops?



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