Friday, January 7, 2011

Today's Challenge: Clean Your Oven, Read a Blog

Why wait for Spring (or Passover) for a little cleaning?  Freshen up your oven today!  I want to try a natural oven cleaner.  1. I don't like all the fumes and possible chemical residue of commercial products, and 2. I don't feel like going to the store, and I already have vinegar, baking soda, and other suggested natural cleansers.  The question now:  Which one??  I recently inherited Heloise from A to Z, in which Heloise says anything can be cleaned with vinegar and/or baking soda.  However, the only suggestions she had for ovens involved using window squeegees and ice scrapers.

Mrs. Clean has some great tips, but too many recipes and no reviews.  I just want to know which one works best.  Price plus effort divided by cleaning power.  I'm planning to try 5 T Baking Soda + 4 T White vinegar + 3 drops Liquid Dish Soap.  It doesn't use bleach, involve heating my oven, or force me to squeeze lemons I'd rather use for salad.
Have you tried any homemade solutions with success or failure?  (I'm also warming up some elbow grease while I'm typing.)

While you're letting your cleanser sit on the walls of your oven, come back and check out one of the blogs in my new blogroll (in the right-hand column under my followers).  Please comment and tell me what blogs you like to read!  Now's your chance to plug your own blog, too.

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UPDATE:  I recommend trying something besides the baking soda & vinegar recipe.  It was difficult to get all the baking soda out of the oven, and even when I thought I was done, I wasn't.  Now my oven stinks and has white powdery flakes all over.  And I will spend another Friday cleaning my oven.


  1. Thanks , that sounds like a great idea!~ Have a great Shabbos!

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  3. Cleaning the microwave can be as easy as wiping down all the splat marks, not scrubbing them like Cinderella. This is what to do. you will need the secret ingredient: good old stilled white vinegar.

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  4. This is a challenge I face on a daily basis being that I am am oven cleaner. I run a business - oven cleaner sheffield

    I will tell you, the best 2 things available for oven cleaning are:

    1) Elbow grease
    2) Steel wool

    elbow grease for rubbing bard. steel wool because it is great on enamel and does not scratch.

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