Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pictures of Onion Challah

   Tamar of Petach Tikva, Israel, recently sent me pictures of the Easy Awesome Onion Challah she made on two different occasions.  This is what she said:

Thank you so much for this recipe Yosefa! I've made it twice now...

A few things... the first time around, I started to cut the onions by hand, but after my first two cuts, I thought to myself - wait, I just finished with and washed out the food processor - so I dumped the onions in the food processor and it took all of 15 seconds to get them chopped, with no tears! (They ended up being chopped much finer than the ones in your picture, but still good). I used only oil (no margarine). I did like you explained with the onions, but after the challah baked and was nice and brown - in the middle of the challah (when slicing it) a little bit of the dough just by the layers of onions was a little uncooked. Maybe it's just my oven or because I didn't use the margarine, I don't know...

The second time I made it - I did a recipe and a half and I separated the dough into two bowls to rise. To one bowl I added the sauteed onions (before it rose - so they ended up being distributed evenly throughout the challah) and to the other bowl, I added golden raisins and cranberries (my daughter's favorite challah addition since she can then pick them out while eating the challah)! I didn't have any pans to bake the challah in, so I braided each challah - which turned out quite well. With the recipe and a half, I got two pretty good sized braided challahs, one medium size, and several rolls.

Again - thank you Yosefa for the recipe - it's an excellent recipe - the whole family liked it including my kids - it's really quick and easy to prepare (as you promised) and turns out great! Thank you!

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  1. What an unusual and lovely looking recipe. My kids get very upset when I play around with challah and try new recipes. They like my tried-and-true sweet challah recipe. But maybe we'll be brave and try this sometime. Looks GREAT.



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