Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Make eggs in an Electric Kettle

When I was in college, I used my inexpensive electric kettle (of the brand pictured below, from Amazon) to make everything from tea to mushroom barley soup, to mac and cheese.  I think an electric kettle is an excellent high school graduation gift for a young adult moving into a college dormitory.

Today, I mostly use it for tea, coffee, reheating the bath, and... EGGS!

Do you want eggs with silky, tender whites and pure yellow yolks in about 15 minutes start to finish?  Use an electric kettle!  (Also known as a "kum-kum" in Israel.) 

  1. Put some water in your electric kettle/kum-kum. 
  2. Add eggs as you check each one for cracks.  A tiny crack will open in the water and make a mess in your kettle. 
  3. Completely cover all the eggs with water. 
  4. Click on the kettle. 
  5. When the water comes to a boil, the pot will automatically click off. 
  6. Leave the eggs in the hot water an additional ten minutes, then transfer to (preferably) icy water and begin cracking eggs.  


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