Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jerusalem Vacation cont. - Two more reviews

If it sounds like I'm focusing too much on the food, it's partly because this is a food blag, and partly because I really like food.  So where did we leave off...

Tuesday night we ate at an overpriced Asian restaurant - Sheyan.   The atmosphere was lovely.  The service was great.  Like all the restaurants we saw, they had an English menu.  The food was not much better than you could get at a take-out place like Sini Speed for a lot less money.  (See my review and take-out tips.)  We paid 300 NIS ($88) for two wanton soups, two little cups of hot Saki, and two entrees.  There was nothing wrong with the food, it just didn't have the subtle gourmet flavors I would expect from such a restaurant.  I did see some very pretty things coming from the kitchen, though.

On our last day we worked up an appetite all morning to we could get Belgian Waffles for a late lunch before heading home.  We stopped at Katzefet, where we found a nice selection of ice cream, soft serve "bio" frozen yogurt, and an array of shake ingredients.  For 25 NIS ($7.30) you get a large Belgian waffle with all the syrup and topping you want, plus whip cream and a scoop of ice cream, any flavor.

I ordered mine with caramel syrup, hot fudge, candied pecans, mixed berries (half frozen, but delicious), milk chocolate crumbles, and "deluxe" ice cream.  I enjoyed it so much I could almost forget about the cigarette smoke wafting in from the tables outside!  (If you know me and my sensitive nose, that says a lot.)

We also went on many walks through Jerusalem where we found tons of wild rosemary and lavender.  This picture was taking inside the David Citadel Museum.  The greener green in rosemary and the grayer green is lavender.  My husband was even excited to try some.

Below is a picture of a poster in our hotel.  I couldn't figure out why I kept seeing watermelon with Boulgarit cheese on menus, but I guess we came during watermelon season.  Any of you ever try watermelon with Boulgarit or feta cheese?

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  1. Yosefa, looks like a great time! Yes, I love watermelon with feta as well as fresh figs with feta and honey drizzled over them :) And yes, there is enough wild rosemary and lavender in this city to sink a battleship, it's amazing.

  2. We at at Sheyan! We almost didn't pay - there was some problem with our credit card. I loved the atmosphere, and totally agree with you about the food - good, but not amazing. Nice job going for the hot saki ;) And, thanks for the reviews - this is a nice way for me to remember our trips, too!

  3. Also...I have tried watermelon with feta and with Boulgarit - so good!

  4. For some reason we always order watermelon with Bulgarit cheese at these little cafes right on the beach during sunset. It's a wonderful combination for the senses.



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