Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cooking With Preschoolers

Check out my guest post on, titled Cooking with Preschoolers: Distraction or Interaction?

I discuss various tips to both keep your youngsters safely out from underfoot, as well as great ways to involve them including counting, tasting, smelling, and seasoning.  Here's the intro:

Cooking with preschoolers, even a single child, can feel like running a circus.  You have to balance their attention and their safety on top of timing the courses to be cooked, not burnt, at the right time.  First, choose your goal: distract or involve.  Sometimes the choice is obvious.  If you are constantly putting things in and out of the oven, or you have many things boiling on the stove, you will want to distance your child from the action.  Other times the food prep is G-rated, but you simply don’t have time for explaining and teaching.  Read more...

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