Friday, February 4, 2011

Ordering Inside the Box

This meal was way too deliciously indulgent not to immortalize on my blog.  And to get all this kosher Asian food for only 100 NIS, approximately $28, is a real treat for our family.  

These two platters could easily serve three people.  But you could stretch it even further.

If you feel a need to indulge in take-out Chinese or Pizza, consider adding a green salad or Islaeli salad.  (Israeli salad is generally chopped tomato and cucumber with lemon, olive oil, and salt.)

I can't keep my family away from greasy convenience foods once in a while.  However, there's no reason the whole meal has to be completely devoid of nutritional value.  When did bread sticks become the appropriate side dish for pizza or pasta?  Order one pizza and make a salad while you're waiting for the delivery guy to show up.  Since a super-cheap and delicious pizza store opened up near our house, we order pizza almost once a month.  My kids each chow down on their first slice, but don't get to have another half slice until they finish their salad.  It gives kids, and grown-ups alike, a chance to realize maybe they're not hungry anymore.  You can even serve a salad or vegetable soup before the greasy main course arrives.  This is also a great tip if one spouse is picking up dinner on the way home from work.  Give your kids a head start on their veggies.  Then they'll be washed and sitting pretty at the table when dad or mom walks in the door.
Now that I've given you the health food speech, I can tell you our dirty little secret.  My husband and I ate the whole thing!  FYI, its true what they say about limiting your late evening meals to avoid sleep trouble.  We both had trouble falling asleep after our little gorge-fest.


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  2. I know what you mean about falling asleep. Your last line seems like you're giving a back-handed recommendation. . .



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