Probiotic Foods FOR SALE

Beginning May 9, 2013 I will be selling very limited quantities of the naturally fermented foods I've been making. I got into fermenting as an economical and tasty way to encourage my family to consume more probiotics. (See my post Intro to Fermenting Vegetables.)

Everything I am currently selling is 100% raw vegan (and strictly pareve, kosher). Feel free to email me if you have questions about the items, ingredients, or kashrut. And as quantities are limited, email me ahead to see if I have what you want. I would be happy to take special requests for kefir flavors, special sauerkraut mixes, or vegetable requests.

All products are sold by me in central Petach Tikva, Israel. If that's too far for you, I'd be happy to discuss how you can make your own!

Here's what I have now:

Water kefir (tibicos) soda: BOTTLED TO ORDER, pomegranate-ginger, peach, apple, other flavors (or unflavored) by request. I make a fresh batch every 1-2 days.
250 ml - 8
500 ml - 12.50
1 liter - 24

Sauerkraut - כרוב חמוץ
Pink: mix of green/white and purple cabbage
Classic: Green/white cabbage, carrots, and celery root/celeriac (one 300 ml jar left!)
Classic with Beet Juice (one 300 ml jar left!)
300 ml - ₪16
580 ml - ₪22

Dill Picklesמלפפונים חמוצים - Summer only - current batch is organic
Classic Kosher Dill Pickles
Chili infused Cucumber Pickles
Lemon Infused Cucumber pickles
300 ml (6-7 medium pickles) - 16
580 ml (10 medium pickles) - ₪22
Classic 580 ml with extra garlic - ₪23

Preserved lemons - mostly organic - seasonal
300 ml - ₪16.50
580 ml (packed tight to the top) - 30

Sriracha Chili Sauce - a few drops adds a healthful kick to sauces, salads, and dips. Drizzle a little on chopped tomatoes for instant fresh, probiotic salsa. Great in tortilla wraps.
Choose thick with seeds and all - gorgeous bright red, or just the juice.
30 ml - ₪6

Beetsסלק - Raw beets are a health super-food. Add a bright flavor, color, and crunch to chopped salads, potato salad, pasta salad, and coleslaw, or just enjoy for a healthy salty snack.
300 ml - 16 (Out of stock. More fermenting now!)
580 ml - ₪22

Turmeric - כורכום
30 ml "taster jar" - ₪6 (Out of stock. More upon request.)

Raw Sweet Potatoes Sticks in Beet Juice - Magenta on the outside, orange on the  inside. Great for snacking, or thinly slice to brighten up any salad.
300 ml - 15 (one jar left!)

Prices are subject to change due to vegetable costs.

Coming soon:

  • Garlic - whole cloves or crushed
  • Shredded turmeric
  • Shredded turnips
  • Shredded beets


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