Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kosher Cooking Carnival - Adar

Welcome to the Rosh Chodesh Adar edition of KCC!

I want to welcome new blogger Miriam, writing From Miriam's Kitchen. She makes "Safta Cookies" from her kitchen in the Negev for her 13 Israeli grandchildren. She also posted some great looking "Yummy Salads and a Dessert" including a pareve Chocolate Espresso Mousse Recipe.

Yael's strawberry cake in progress
It seems like yesterday I was welcoming Country Mouse Cooks to the J-blogosphere, but now Yael seems like an old pro.  She recently baked "Salted Caramel Chocolate Cookies" and a layer cake with fresh strawberries in "Strawberry Season."

Yael and I are both bummed we didn't post our Purim ideas in time to share them here, so I hope you'll come back and visit. (Better yet, follow me!)

The past few weeks I, Yosefa, have been making the BEST EGGPLANT EVER. Even eggplant haters love my traditional Eggplant and Tehina. I am also excited and scared about getting a new kitchen and having strange Israelis in my house for a week.

Leora of Here in HP made Bok Choy with Onion. and a unique and traditional Red Cabbage Salad. Try her recipe with apple, ginger, orange and onion this Shabbat!

Yosef's Beef Brisket
Yosef of This American Bite made my mouth water with "Beef Brisket in Red Wine. Flavorful and delicious, Thank you Tyler Florence!." He also made "Hummus (Chickpea) Soup" and discussed making "Smoked Salt."

Ester "Northern Lights" of  Kosher Frugal Menus made an easy Carrot and Red Lentil Soup. It looks creamy and delicious.

Batya's Fancy Layered Vegetables
Batya of Me-ander wrote "Shabbat, What Do We Eat?" She brings up a good point for planning healthy menus, "When you give a variety, people take more." Ain't that the truth! Batya also shared "An Easy Way to Deal With (Cook) Whole Chickens", "Yummy, Filling Tuna Salad", and "Food Labeling, Important for Parties, Guests and Selling"

Mirjam of Miriyummy shared "Dining In The Dark," where she talks about being served by the all deaf staff at Cafe Kapish. then being plunged into darkness before being waited on by the all blind staff at Blackout. Mirj also wrote a guest post on Cook Kosher - "An Addict's Guide to Israeli Food Blogs."  It was interesting to see the image she had of me based only on online interaction. I'm not sure I want to burst her bubble by meeting her!

Sarah's seasonal rainbow
Sarah of Sarah's View posted "Taste the Rainbow." Her goodies from the Santa Monica Farmer's Market should inspire us to add a healthy dose of seasonal color to our Shabbat tables. Sarah has many mouth watering ideas on her blog, including baked egg boats, of which she says, "a delicious and easy (but fun!) weekday dinner or a filling Sunday brunch."

Yisrael Medad of My Right Word wrote "Kosher Coexistence" about, "A Hallel for Kosher (and maybe Halal)," "Kosher On-line and Apsy," and "Is That L'chayim Kosher?" about Bacon-flavoured Beer.

Miriam's zucchini sticks
Jennifer of Adventures in MamaLand presents "Cheese Battles: Keeping Score", saying, "It's always fun learning how to make something for yourself... except when it's frustrating, or just plain STRANGE. Pink cheese curds? You bet!" Congrats on winning one for the team, Jennifer! I'll look forward to hearing how the cheddar turned out.

Miriam presents Spicy Baked Zucchini Sticks posted at Tales of an Overtime Cook. Miriam also baked a great looking Zebra Cake with vegan option.

Hannah of Cooking Manager shared "Super Bowl Avocado and Bean Salad." I also recommend reading "Tips on Baking with Whole Wheat Flour."

Emily Segal presents Baked Vegan Chimichangas, posted at Triumph Wellness, saying, "Chimichangas, deep-fried burritos, get the lightened up treatment here in a low-fat, vegan recipe that the whole family will love!"

Miriam of Israeli Kitchen made "Buttered Black Radishes" and "Glazed Turnips." She makes these seasonal root veggies fit for royalty.

Sarah of Food Bridge shared "Chocolate icebox cookies" that look like a delicious addition to any Purim basket. Sarah also made "Cardoon and meatball tangine" and shared pictures from the Ramle market.

Bonnie Giller of BRG Health and author of Passover The Healthy Way: Light, Tasty and Easy Recipes Your Whole Family will Enjoy shares her Low-Fat Hamentashen Recipe.

Creative Jewish Mom's Baskets
Ronit Peskin guest blogged about one of my favorite subjects, "Foraging For Edible Wild Greens" on Creative Jewish Mom. Purim gives me a great excuse to share some other posts by Sarah Rivka, like her Purim Baskets From Embroidered Styrofoam Bowls.

If you're feeling crafty, check out the calorie-free Felt Hamentashen posted at Birkat Chaverim.

I hope you'll check out these great blogs and leave these talented kosher foodies some comments! Happy Purim!

The next edition of Kosher Cooking Carnival - KCC will be hosted by Batya at Me-ander. To submit your pre-Pesach posts, email Batya with "kcc" as subject, or try the carnival submission form. Also email Batya if you would like to host a future Kosher Cooking Carnival.

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  1. Thanks for your wonderful, delicious KCC "Outside The Box". You did a fantastic job.

  2. Wow, what a great round-up. I didn't even remember I had submitted that! Thanks for including me and for hosting. Shabbat Shalom.

  3. Thanks for including my post, and for mentioning my guest post on Cook Kosher. And when are we going to meet? Huh? I think in real life you are as amazing as I think you are in the blogosphere!

  4. Thanks Mirj, I would like to meet you too! I don't have a car. Let me know next time you're doing something in P"T. We're a lot less 'zen' then you're imagining. It's not uncommon for me to yell at my husband, "stop cleaning and just try to keep the kids from killing each other!"

  5. Thank you so much for hosting! Nice to see so many submissions.

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