Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Kefir - Not Your Mamma's Yogurt

Kefir Starter Grains
Last week I told you how my mom's friend, Liz, taught her to make kombucha. Today I'll tell you haw my mom made kefir, a fermented milk* beverage. You can probably find kefir in the dairy section of your local health food store. But why buy it when it's so easy to make?

*Kefir can be made from animal (cow, goat, buffalo) milk, as well as coconut water and other vegan 'milk' (soy, rice, almond, etc.).

Add milk.
Compared with kombucha, kefir is incredibly fast to make, and kefir starter grains are comparably easier to acquire than a kombucha 'mother'. But unlike kombucha, we don't recommend you start your kefir and then go out of town for a few weeks! Dairy milk takes less than 24 hours to ferment; non-dairy liquids take closer to two days.

My mom found this kefir starter on the internet, but you can also get starter grains from any neighborly kefir maker. Liz started my mom out with some kefir starter grains in a clean glass jar. The grains look a little bit like the cauliflower or the curds in cottage cheese.

My mom took the jar home and added 2.5 cups of milk. Then covered the jar with cotton cloth, secured with the canning jar ring. (This works faster if the milk is warm, around body temperature.)

Wait 25 hours.
The following day the entire jar of kefir had taken on a lumpy yogurt consistency. She poured off most of the contents, transferred the remaining kefir grains to a clean jar, and started the process again. Liz demonstrated  straining the liquid out with a metal strainer, but she advised that experienced kefir makers warn against using metal "reactive" utensils. If you become a habitual home fermenter, consider purchasing a Nylon Mesh Strainer.

The kefir that is ready to eat should be kept in a closed container in the refrigerator. It will continue to ferment in the fridge, just much slower. 

My mom adds muesli to her kefir and lets it sit overnight before eating for it breakfast the next day. It's also an excellent addition to smoothies.

Strain, collect the curds, and start all over again!
For more information, read a book:

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