Sunday, July 31, 2011

What I Bought Last Week

You're all invited to a Linky Party celebrating what's in season. To start things off, I wanted to share what I bought at my local mega-mart  in Central Israel last week.

Mango, mini pears, & avocado.  Green lemon from our tree.

Of course, watermelon is in season.
I've made watermelon Popsicles, watermelon rind salad, and pickled watermelon rind.

Cherries seem to be at the end of their season.  Sad I missed them.

Little red plums.  SO yummy.

Mini pie from cherries and plums. Recipe on Wednesday.

Tomato jam. Got it for the first time at a cafe Friday morning.  SO good.  Anyone make this?
From the Jerusalem market a few weeks ago: pears, avocado, cherries
What do you call these?

Come back tomorrow and tell me what you're enjoying this summer!


  1. Looking forward to the mini pies recipe! I have so many plums I need to come up with something and those look good!

  2. I think those are lychees in the last picture. I had them in china and they were really good. I've gotten them here in America and they weren't so great.

  3. Leor, I think you're right. I couldn't think of the name. I guess I should try them before they disappear. Maybe someone will post a link about what to do with them/how to eat them on my Linky Party tomorrow.

  4. This is great - wonderful to see what is growing and available where you live! My mom used to make Tomato Preserves and I was hoping to make some when my tomatoes finally ripen. I agree, it is yummy!



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