Friday, July 1, 2011

Apron Giveaway!


I have a selection of five adult and two child designer aprons finally ready to giveaway!  I will give at least one away this month.  The winner(s) will choose their favorite and I will ship it.  Multiple entries per person are possible.  To enter:

  • Follow me on Blogger/Google Reader, Facebook, and/or Twitter.  Comment* telling me where you are following me, and you will get one entry for each.  (It still counts as an entry if you were following me before the contest, just leave a comment.)
  • #1: Recycled jeans. Tie waist
  • Tell your friends, tweet, and post on your blog or Facebook.  Comment* claiming your friends when they follow me, or have them comment including your name or blog.  One entry per referral.
# 2: Recycled jeans, patch logo
#2 detail: adjustable button waist

#1 Detail:   button neck, chest pocket, patch logo.  

#2 detail: adjustable button neck

#2 detail: Four pockets on waist, very soft denim

#3 Stretch denim, tie waist, adjustable button neck
#4: Stripe knit, bias cut tie skirt, elastic neck

#6 V-neck stretch knit. Chest pochet, tie waist, stretch neck.

Child's apron from recycled jeans.  Approx 3-6 yrs.

"Fine print"
Winner will be chosen randomly.
I must be able to contact you by the e-mail address you leave with your comment.
Winner must be in a country where shipping from Israel is not prohibited. (If you are reading my blog legally, you're probably okay.)
#5: Plaid Stretch. Durable fabric, stretch neck, tie waist.
Will include logo on chest pocket.
I reserve the right to choose one winner before the end of July, but the contest will continue.
I reserve the right to extend the contest and choose an additional winner(s) after July.
I may let the winner purchase an additional apron (i.e. purchasing a child's apron).
Winner will have choice of apron while supplies last. (First winner gets first selection.)
I reserve the right to limit an individual's entries to eight, with notice, depending on the circumstances.
  Child's apron, will include logo pocket..  Approx 2.5-6 yrs.  
Winner may ask me any details about apron size, etc, before selecting.
#4 detail: bead embellishment with Swarofsky crystal
#3 detail: adjustable button neck

* If you are unable to successfully leave a comment, e-mail me nonrecipe(at) 
I just opened the commenting up to "anonymous".  Please be careful to only choose this option if you cannot comment any other way.  Make sure I have a way to contact you.  Leave your e-mail address, website, or e-mail me.  If I can't reach you, I can't send you an apron!


  1. hi,
    i've followed you on blogger, facebook, and twitter. got to you thru Hannah (mother in israel)
    looking forward to reading your blog

  2. I love reading this blog. I learn about nutrition while having fun with new recipes.

  3. Your blog is terrific. i have tried many of the recipes. I enjoy learning about the nutritional aspects of the food I am preparing. CH

  4. Sorry forgot to say that I followed you on blogger, facebook and twitter (I think)! thanks - hope i can win one of these great aprons.

  5. Hi there. I follow you on blogger.

  6. Following you on Networked Blogs...those aprons look excellent.

  7. As you know, i think your recycled denim full-length apron design is brilliant! Now where did I leave my seam ripper?

  8. Will my cooking come out better is I win and wear an apron?

  9. I can't make any promises, but you may find yourself cooking more creatively and looking much cooler while you do it!

  10. Hi I follow your blog via Google friends.. I think the denim aprons are really cool:)

  11. Yosefa, I love your blog and follow you on Google Reader and Facebook.It's nice to see what you, Aaron, and the kids are up to In Israel. David, Yael, and I send a shavua tov your way.



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