Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quick Electrolyte Drink

It's hot outside! It is so hot that running simple errands can take a lot out of me. Do you ever feel so thirsty and exhausted, but water just isn't cutting it? When I return home from a sweaty walk, this is what I like to put in my water bottle:

  • 2-3 lemon slices
  • a little drizzle of agave syrup (maybe 1 teaspoon)
  • TINY pinch of low-sodium salt substitute. Read the ingredients. You want something with sodium AND potassium. I use something that is half sea salt (sodium chloride) and half potassium chloride.
  • ice
  • water
This makes a very mild lemonade. It is very quick to make because you don't need to measure. You can even keep a bag of sliced lemons in the fridge. You can also use seltzer/soda water, or half water and half seltzer. I think this is also a great drink for pregnant women.

If you need a little extra energy, make a strong batch of green tea, then add the ingredients above.  Green tea offers a slower release stimulant that won't give you the same highs and lows and side effects of coffee.  Green tea is great if you're trying to kick a coffee habit. You can eventually switch to herbal tea if you want to quick caffeine completely, and you can avoid the headaches and side effects of quitting cold turkey.

I use a water bottle that opens completely and is easy to wash. I love my Thermos Intak Hydration Water Bottle. You can get it at Target or online, but only in North America, as far as I know. I have my parents bring them. Costco also sells a three-pack on a nice bottle, but it's a little harder to clean, so not great for anything besides water.

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  1. my new favored water is juice of one lemon and one orange with a little bit of sugar in a 2 quart jug. I call it citrus water granted I found the recipe on pinerest and they used the slices in water and I really didn't like the taste too much lime so I left it out due to not having any...



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