Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Make a Protective Cookbook Cover

While you're helping your kids cover their textbooks, why not make a little something for yourself?  With a cookbook cover, you can have your favorite cookbook in the midst of flying oil and sauce and not have to worry about the pages.

  1. Find heavy clear plastic, like what they sell in rolls to cover tables, or to make shower curtain liners.
  2. Cut enough to cover your favorite cookbook while it is open.  Leave a little extra at the open end.
  3. Tape the edges, or sew using an extra wide stitch.  Don't forget to leave one side open!  You can use a clip to hold the plastic in place while you tape or sew.  You can even use decorative tape. 
  4. Optional - To hold the open end closed you can use stick-on Velcro, a large paper clip, or a chip-clip.

Now splatter away!  Pile ingredients on your cookbook!  Bring it right into the action!  Just wipe off after each use and store folded in half on your cookbook shelf.


  1. What a great idea! למה לא חשבו על זה קודם??

  2. so smart!you should see my spice and spirit cookbook it looks like something i would find at the bottom of my trash can, ewwww, i just found your blog and im loving it!

  3. Hi Sheva, I'm so glad you found my blog! That's my S&S in the picture. Another tip is that if there is a recipe you use every week, you can just close the book around the cover so the cover is folded into that page. And if you make one for a new cookbook, you can still use the book on Pesach!



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