Sunday, November 7, 2010

Stuffed Zucchini: Part 2

As I said in my original stuffed zucchini post, I suggested to my friend Tzippy that we both make stuffed zucchini and then compare what we did.  I filled my zucchini with a rice mixture and baked them.  When we ate ours they were still crispy and juicy.  Below is what Tzippy did, along with her gorgeous pictures.

I crossed the zucchini lengthwise, because they were too big.
I used the rice left from Shabbat, which I cooked with the veggi mix we bought at the Pereg Spices store.
I added some pea puree I had left from something else, and as I saw it wasn't enough, I took what I got out of the zucchini, and fried it with olive oil and some garlic. After few minutes they started to sweat. I cooked them until the juice evaporated.
I also added sun dried tomatoes I soaked in boiling water for several minutes.
I stuffed the zucchini and decorated them with crispy spiced almonds I bought in Pereg store.
For the sauce, I used Turkish salad my mom bought for Shabbat, and we decided we didn't like it because it was to hot. So I put it in the pot, I didn't need to add spices, though I put some herbs: cilantro, basil etc... and 3 bay leaves. Then I just added water, and cooked it all together. When the water boiled, I lowered the heat and cooked for half an hour.
I took it this morning as my lunch for work.

Tzippy - thanks for sharing you technique and the great photos!

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