Sunday, November 7, 2010

Asian Inspired Noodle Salad

My Aunt Nan recently got back from a trip to China and informed me that my blog is blocked in China.  Now that I have more confidence that authentic Chinese residents will not see my blog and be offended by my faux Chinese food, I will surely post more.  Here is a noodle salad good warm or cold.  Many of the ingredients can be substituted or skipped to make the dish healthier or cheaper.  Here are some suggested ingredients:

- Lo mein, soba noodles, whole wheat or Barilla Plus thin spaghetti
- Teryaki dressing/marinade and/or:
   - date syrup or molasses
   - soy sauce
   - a little vinegar
- Sesame oil (I don't know if this is a waste)
- Another oil, peanut would be good if you have some.
- Sesame seeds
- Bean sprouts
- Cranberries
- Chopped chives or scallions
- Fried Chinese noodles (very optional and only if you don't mind having them in the house.)

1. Start boiling water for noodles.
2. Toast the sesame seeds.  You can toast them in the oven or dry in a metal bowl or pan on the stove.
3. Wash and start cooking bean sprouts. 
4. Mix everything together when the noodles are done.

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