Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Black Bean Dip & Pita Chips

At the end of my Mom's visit a couple weeks ago we were down to some whole wheat pita that was going stale and some of the more shelf stable veggies.  I realized in the afternoon that we didn't have much to eat, so I started soaking some raw beans.  That evening I simmered them and then added onions, carrots, garlic, a couple mushrooms, and a couple sprigs of rosemary that was about to go bad.  About half the mixture I left as soup with mild seasonings and half the mixture with less liquid I blended in the food processor with a mixture of chili powder type spices and middle eastern spices (like cumin), and of course, salt (no pun intended).

For the pita chips, I cut each pita like a clock into 6-10 sections, then split each apart.  I rubbed each side with a little olive oil (spray works great) and toasted it in the oven.  The dish was a big hit.  Even my kids said it was "super yummy."

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