Thursday, October 14, 2010

Adult-Worthy Ice Pops

I'd like to bring back the ice pop, and not just for kids.  Pick three of your favorite juices or other sweet beverages and freeze them in ice pop molds one layer at a time.  In Israel you can buy "nectar" (sweetened, thickened fruit juice) in a large variety of flavors, and our market happens to sell them on sale when you buy three.  In Israel these are called "artikim."

Here you see my kids enjoying two different flavor combinations, but they have also been enjoyed by my mom, and other adult relatives and friends.  When I offer ice pops to friends, they are surprised for a moment that they are not just for the kids, but the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.  Make them while the weather's still warm!  

For a grown-up touch, try ice tea, alcoholic drinks, and savory things like mint and cucumber.
More ice pop and frozen fruit ideas HERE.

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