Sunday, May 6, 2012

For the Love of Goats

Sometime in elementary school I decided I wanted a baby goat as a pet. Was it on the visit with my aunt and cousins to a farm in New Jersey where we got to hold ducklings, chicks, chickens, and kid goats? I remember how special I felt being the only kid in the family big enough to hold these adorable little kids. Maybe it was the family trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina where we purchased ice cream cones full of goat food, before entering a trail of tourists trying to avoid being attacked by goats.

Since then, I've always held a flame for goats. But, until I have space and time for goats, I will settle for making our household favorite - goat yogurt cheese with olives, crocheting with mohair, and reading to my kids from the copy of Gregory, the Terrible Eater that my grandmother gave me when I was a kid.

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On Friday, in honor of my birthday, my friend Tzippy took me on a little tiyul to Shvil Izim on Moshav Tal Shachar and to a specialty quilting store, Pissott, to spend my birthday money (and birthday 'futures'). I've been pining for some crafting tools like an OLFA Rotary Cutter and Self-Healing Cutting Mat. (Since the airlines have cut down on the amount of luggage my family can bring, I've had to settle for finding things here in Israel that I could order in the states for less than half the price.) Right now I'm using my new tools to cut scraps of old t-shirts and jersey knit boxer shorts into strips to crochet into a rug for the kitchen.

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  1. I never fed a goat with an ice cream cone, but I do have funny (fond?) memories of feeding baby goats with bottles of juice at Parrot Jungle in Miami. No childhood is complete without a goat!



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