Saturday, February 15, 2014

Thanks for the email

Still making time for simple fermented veggies
A few days ago I received the following email. I was just about to hit "send" when I thought it might make sense to post my response.

Hi Yosefa, 
I recently visited your blog after seeing that I had bookmarked a while back, but I noticed there are no recent posts, are you still updating the blog?
I really enjoyed it as a fellow "healthy DIY mom" in Israel.
All the best,

Hi Elana,
Thanks for writing. In the last 5 months I've been busy apartment hunting, moving, interviewing, getting over mononucleosis, and starting a new job, so I've been a little too busy to write and upload pictures. I also put together a four-part post on getting the most out of your freezer, freezing food to save time and money, etc. Then I lost it somewhere between some email and hard drive purging I was working on. That was about two month's ago and I'm still bummed. But just as soon as I get over that and get a hang of juggling work, family, and friends, I will get back to blogging. I'm glad you were enjoying my blog and I hope you'll keep me in your feed or bookmarks. You could also subscribe by email so you'll get any new posts within 24 hours.
My ISK "Infinity Necklace" made for my Mom

So that's the honest truth. I've been busy and bitter. I actually have a couple blog drafts waiting to be polished and posted.  About two months ago I moved into a new apartment, much more appropriate to our family size and situation, with a lovely kitchen. I also started a full time job as a CPA on a fledgling US tax team at a large Tel Aviv tax firm. And I got hooked (no pun intended) on a new hobby, "Invisible Spool Knitting," something like crocheting with wire.

Check out my personal Facebook album to see some of my new and old projects outside the kitchen.

I never started this blog to post things on any regular basis or make money. (Mission accomplished!) I just wanted to keep a record of what I was cooking so I could use my notes for the future, and share with friends and relatives. In this way, I'm quite proud of my little blog. In the last 3.5 years I've posted about 250 "non-recipes" (and a few traditional recipes), been honored to take part in and host various blog carnivals and other virtual blogger group "happenings", and been able to easily share my food ideas when friends ask me for the recipe. 

Steeping hops and barley for beer-kefir
I think the most successful part of my blog is that I cook from it! And now that I'm working long hours, I can direct my husband to specific posts for ideas about what to cook. Even if I don't have time to blog, or even think, we all have to eat, so having notes on things I already "know" how to make, really helps. I recently made pickles, sauerkraut, and beer-flavored water kefir.

If you're not already getting new "non-recipes" straight to your in-box, please SUBSCRIBE so you'll get any new posts within 24 hours, as infrequent as they may be. And I'll try to respond quickly to any comments or questions on other posts.

In the meantime, I hope you'll browse my previous posts. To get started check out some Purim and Passover ideas. You're next favorite dish could be just a click and scroll away!

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