Sunday, January 8, 2012

Girlled Vegetable Salad

I made this salad to have a simple cold, healthy snack to keep in the fridge, and also to use up cauliflower and peppers.

  1. Wash, and cut your vegetables into bite-site pieces. I used cauliflower, yellow and red bell peppers, several cloves of garlic cut in thirds, and cherry tomatoes. I meant to use red onion, but I forgot.  
  2. Toss with olive oil and salt.
  3. Spread out the veggies on a baking sheet or foil and roast, broil, or grill.  As Alton Brown says, "the broiler is nothing but an upside-down grill."  So in this manner, I "grilled" my veggies. 
  4. Cook veggies until the tops brown. In the mean time, prepare the dressing.
  5. Chop fresh parsley, add fresh finely ground black pepper, and some vinegar you like.  I used rice wine or "sushi" vinegar and toasted sesame oil.
  6. Let vegetables cool. Then toss, taste, and add salt or more vinegar is necessary.

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