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Kosher Cooking Carvival - Av

Welcome to the Kosher Cooking Carnival for the Hebrew month of Av. In the spirit of the nine days, we'll skip the meat, and the frills.  Welcome to the first ever Parve KCC! First, some news:

Tamar opened a "blogsite" - Kosher With Food Allergies - for information and resources for Jews dealing with food allergies. Maybe you have allergies and need tips for traveling outside your comfort zone, or you have guests coming this summer with food allergies, this is an incredible compilation/portal of resources.

Yocheved Golani is looking for a publisher for her new book The Comfort Foods Cookbook: Recipes to Calm You Down FAST Without Widening Your Waistline.  I've posted an excerpt from her book about whole grains and spreads.

Batya of me-ander is traveling to the states this summer and wants to know, So Which Starbucks is Kosher?

Israel has been threatened with rolling blackouts. Hannah K. of Cooking Manager wrote about Preparing Your Refrigerator for a Power Outage.

Photo credit: Mordechai Treiger
David Lebovitz (Living the Sweet Life in Paris) takes a culinary tour of Jerusalem.

At Isreview, Daniela reviewed PriGat’s "Retro" Blood Orange Juice and Bagel Bagel's Aleph-Bet Shaped Pretzels.

My friend Hannah Z. has revived her blog Keen on Quinoa and wrote A Lesson in Hilchot Kashrut.   Hannah posted several other blueberry themed posts including How to Can Blueberries, plus lots of cookie recipes.

Yosefa's Shakshuka
Now for the recipes:

I've been feeling extra Israeli in the kitchen lately. I recently posted Keys to Great Eggplant (you HAVE to try my eggplant and tehina) and I made sweet and easy Shakshuka.

Mrs. S. wrote The requisite fast day food post, including a  recipe for zucchini soup,  at Our Shiputzim: A Work In Progress.

A great idea idea for summer - Ester, of Frugal and Kosher, made Roasted Vegetable Gazpacho with a mixture of raw and cooked veggies. What a nice idea to get the fullest range of flavor and health benefits. Ester also made a vegan Raisin-Bran Cake. My mouth is watering!

Yosef's lemonade
Stay cool with some frozen treats, such as Yosef's Frosty Basil Lemonade. His post also includes the July Kosher Connections Linkup with 20 kosher frozen treats you can make this summer. At This American Bite you can also find Yosef's Falafel Flavored Quinoa Patties, and other intriguing recipes.

Want something sweet and cold that's just too simple for a recipe? Make Guilt-free Banana Ice Cream. (From me, Yosefa, here on Cooking Outside the Box.)

Emily's Bourekas
Emily of Triumph Wellness made Pizza Roll Bourekas. Even the dough is healthy, and I can smell them right off the screen! Emily also made Savory Green Pea Herb Fritters, and they are baked, not fried! Even if you're not anti-oil, who wants to stand over a frying pan in this heat?

Liz of Cafe Liz posted Garlicky roasted cabbage salad.

Creative Jewish Mom, Sara Rivka, posted Moroccan Pickled Green Plums.

Sarah's chickpea cookies
Sarah posted Chickpea cookies with pistachios at Food Bridge.

Mimi of Israeli Kitchen wrote about Caper Flowers and How to Pickle and Eat Capers.

The Gush Gourmet is enjoying summer greens with Garlic and Lemon Kale and Soy Ginger Rainbow Chard.

That concludes this edition. To submit your blog article to the next edition of kosher cooking carnival-kcc use our carnival submission form or email Batya to submit for next month or host a future KCC. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our  blog carnival index page.
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  1. Thanks for your excellent KCC. I really appreciate all that you have done.

  2. Great list of recipes and posts, thanks for including mine

  3. This is a wonderful roundoup, I just wanted to mention that if anyone would like to join the Kosher Connection Recipe Link up (where we plan to all do a recipe on a secret theme every month) please email We would love to have you join us - the more the merrier.

  4. Thank you for including mine! Now to check out the rest!

  5. Great job, and thanks for the link!



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