Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Pressure Cooker Risotto with Roasted Leeks

I made this risotto in my pressure cooker loosely based on a recipe from Pressure Perfect by Lorna Sass.   You can make it in a regular pot with more stirring and slowly adding hot broth, but this post is really about the pressure cooker.

1. Saut√© a large handful of chopped leeks* in oil in the pressure cooker.  Add 1.5 cups short grain rice and continue cooking and stirring until the rice starts to turn golden.

2. Add 1/2 cup white wine, followed by 3.5 cups of stock/broth and a generous pinch of salt.  Bring pressure to high.

3. Put 2-3 handfuls of sliced leeks in a pan or on a piece of foil, lightly dress with olive oil, and broil in the oven (or grill) until they start turning brown.

4. Turn off heat after four minutes.  When pressure drops, carefully open lid and taste rice. If it is hard, add more broth.  Stir occasionally for 2-5 minutes until risotto thickens and rice is tender, but firm.

5. Optionally, add a splash of white wine and salt and pepper to taste.  Serve and top generously with roasted leeks.

* Only use the white and light green part of the leek.  Save the root and greens for soup or stock.  To wash leeks, slice in half, length-wise, then chop half-circle slices.  Rub the layers apart in a large bowl of water until the sand is released and sinks to the bottom.  Use the water to water plants.

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